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Digital Wallet App (Replacing Web Wallet App)

Software Development | 4th February 2022


Introducing the new Digital Wallet App that allows your Cashless Campus customers to manage their Cashless account, Top-Up and Pay with ease! The app can be customised to meet your organisation’s branding requirements with the use of colours and logos.

The app provides your customers with the ability to:

  • View live cashless and loyalty purse balances, statements and transactional data








  • Pay for transactions with a Cashless QR code








  • View insights on loyalty schemes such as Clubcard, Stampcard Loyalty, Load & Spend Rewards. Also, set Stampcard Loyalty for saving or spending modes

  • Manage the Cashless account, providing options to edit the user’s name, email address and password








  • Block or unblock Cashless cards in the scenario the card has been lost, stolen or found








  • Manage bank cards linked to the Cashless account, process Cashless Account Top-Ups and setup Auto Top-Ups to trigger when the Cashless balance reaches a certain limit








If your organisation currently utilises the Web Wallet App, your dedicated Account Manager will be in contact in due course to discuss upgrading your app ASAP.

For more information, or to discuss implementing the Digital Wallet App for your organisation, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.