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User Registration User Guide

Account Registration Overview

The User Registration module gives Way2Pay clients the ability to allow new users to self-register for an account online. To do this, users will be provided with a generated registration code or a unique reference via email from the client.

There are 2 types of self-registration:

Full Self Registration
This is where the client does not have any details of the users who will be registering, so a brand new record will be created in the database.

Two Stage Registration
Two stage registration is used when the client already has some information about the users registering and therefore wants to link the accounts created to an existing record in the database.

For example the client may have a list of email addresses or employee numbers that have already been imported into Way2Pay.

Activating User Self Registration

Self-registration will need to be activated through the site table in Data Editor for any site that wishes to use it.

There are three fields that need to be set.

  1. AllowSelfReg – Always needs to be set to true when self registration is required
  2. FullSelfReg – Needs to be set to ‘true’ if full registration is being used or ‘false’ if two stage registration is being used
  3. 2StageReg – Needs to be set to ‘true’ if two stage registration is being used or ‘false’ if full registration is being used.

The site’s registration code also needs to be set, but this will need to be done by Counter Solutions when they have been informed that a site wants to use self-registration.

Account Registration Module

Within the User Registration module in Way2Pay Manager the client can configure the registration process to suit their organisation’s needs;

The following settings are configured by the client in the User Registration module.
Registration Code This code will be unique for every site, the site will be responsible for sending this to all users that will be required to use self registration.

Email Body The user registration module includes the old ‘Email Body Editor’, so this is where the personalised text for the welcome email can be set.

Reference Field This is only required for two stage registration. The reference field is the field that will be used to link the user to an existing partial account record.

Reference Value Prompt Message This allows the client to enter a user friendly name for the reference field.

UID Config If this box is ticked then users will be asked to enter the UID of the card that will be linked to their account.

How Users Register

When user registration is setup the new user will be able to click the register button on the Way2Pay login page.

They will then need to enter their name, the registration code they were sent, their email address and create a password.

Updated on May 10, 2021

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